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Applying your stickers

N.B For Window Film instructions please follow the link at the bottom of the page.
1. Clean the area where you will be placing your wall sticker. Ensure the area is free from dirt/grease and then dry before commencing. If you have a sticker set : cut into individual stickers to be applied separately.
2. Lay the sticker out on a flat surface and run the enclosed scraper lightly over the sticker (clear transfer side).
3. Carefully peel back the paper support making sure the sticker stays on the clear paper.(if having trouble - keep re-pressing with the scraper).
4. Carefully position the sticker loosely on your wall/ceiling (but don’t fully stick down yet!).
5. Run the scraper over the sticker working from the centre outwards to prevent air bubbles.
6. Wait 10 minutes then peel back the clear paper ensuring sticker is fully adhered to your surface. (peel back slowly to ensure wall paint doesn’t come off with the clear paper).
N.B The adhesive is very sticky so please take care when moving the sticker when the backing is off (it can easily stick to itself!)
Please follow these instructions carefully as we cannot be held responsible for incorrectly applied stickers and damage to paintwork through incorrect application. Above all - please take your time!

Chalkboards don't usually need a backing so they can just be peeled off and applied direct to the wall.
If you would like to print these wall sticker instructions then please click here.
For window film instructions (printable) please click here.